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  • So I've been getting some feels lately. As much as American Idol has..bothered it's past few seasons. And as much as the talent isn't what it's used to be. I grew up with this show. It's made a tremendous impact on my life musically. Both in finding artists that I want to follow after the show..and following artists who I had never heard of prior to watching the show. (Confession, I know who Janis Joplin and Led Zeppelin are because of American Idol.) It was a cultural phenomenon, and although I've been watching this season for the snark and nostalgia..there's a part of me that's going to miss it dearly. It's like when the final Harry Potter book came out, an end of an era. (Although, Harry Potter was still good by the seventh book..)

    And of course, American Idol is probably the reason The Voice exists. So despite this being The Voice forums, I thought I'd pay a little tribute, both in my Top 10 performances this season, as well as a Top performances of all time at some point…
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