20 Greatest Blind Auditions of All Time

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  • 4. Sawyer Fredericks - Man of Constant Sorrow

    Are there any other examples of an audition winning the competition for a contestant? Because Sawyer won right here. And in a lot of ways, it was actually deserved. The second this kid opens his mouth, somehow a combination of a unique..but yet old school familiar tone..falls out of it. It's like 60s hippie folk americana in a child's body. Yet it still feels so genuine. But we're also introduced to subtle brilliances of Sawyer, outside of his tone. His phrasing. His innate ability to understand dynamics, putting vibrato on words to emphasize emotion. Even his quirks, like using his guitar as percussion are intriguing..and wonderful.

    I think there are quite a few artists from The Voice, that will make their mark on the music industry. (Mostly the young ones..Danielle, Jacquie, Melanie etc..) Sawyer will undoubtedly be one of them.

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