20 Greatest Blind Auditions of All Time (Honorable Mentions)

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  • So, cutting it down to twenty, was definitely difficult. Here are a few who just missed the cut. (Most probably know where I'm going with #1..but maybe not?)

    Clarissa Serna "Zombie" and Audra McLaughlin "Angel From Montgomery"

    I put them together because I just want to say something about Season 6. That may have been the most disappointing season of The Voice for me. It started out with such promise. But Bria Kelly struggled after her audition and Tess looked like a dear in headlights on stage. Shakira cut Clarissa and Deja. Adam encouraged Christina Grimmie to emphasize the worst parts of her voice. And Blake neutered Audra. This could have been the ultimate It Girl season, with pretty much every genre being represented (Country, Pop, Electronic Indie, Rock, Jazz, and Blues..) But no....(And no disrespect to Josh Kaufman..but with "It Girl" potential like that season, it's hard not to be disappointed.

    *Side note Clarissa's "Zombie" is actually my most played Voice song, and third most played song on my iTunes. I clearly liked this audition. :P

    Matt McAndrew "A Thousand Years" and Chris Jamison's "Gravity"

    Matt's audition certainly made a mark on audiences. And he really does a beautiful cover. To be honest, if there's one audition that I didn't have on there that I probably should have, it would be his. But for vocal reasons, I left him up. Chris Jamison showed a lot of promise in his audition. But once again, some of the Vocal issues (although he ended up showing himself to be the best vocalist of Season 7.) kept him below the top 20.

    Avery Wilson "Without You"

    One of the best auditions of the earlier seasons. He showed he had a lot in his voice.

    Rankings are hard, and when I initially made this list, they were all in consideration for top 20, in fact some of these I prefer some of these auditions over quite a few of those who made the top 20. (As I said, I knew who my top 6 were. And I knew about 9 others would definitely be up there, but everything else was up in the air.

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  • Spurrious -

    (Most probably know where I'm going with #1..but maybe not?)

    Maybe not? Really? :)

    • S. L. Mason -

      Well, you'll find out tomorrow then. :P I will say I did originally have Bria Kelly as my number one, but changed it, as I think the person at number one had a little more of a nuanced performance.

    • TeamAudra -

      I didn't even watch Season 4, and I know who your #1 is.

    • Spurrious -

      RE: "Well, you'll find out tomorrow then."

      I found out last year :P