20 Greatest Blind Auditions of All Time

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  • 1. Sarah Simmons - One of Us

    I mean duh. :P

    Sarah showed she had a lot of tools in the tool box. (Thanks for that quote, Spurious) She displayed power, a great head voice, rasp, dynamics and gorgeous runs. She never quite lived up to this blind, but it was a spectacular blind. (Hard to do though, and I would say that "Mama Knows Best" was fantastic.) Not only that, but her father's "look at her" just tugs at the heart. No need to say much past that, the Blind speaks for itself.

    So, my top 20..:

    1. Sarah Simmons - One of Us
    2. Bria Kelly - Steamroller Blues
    3. Matthew Schuler - Cough Syrup
    4. Sawyer Fredericks - Man of Constant Sorrow
    5. Melanie Martinez - Toxic
    6. Tessanne Chin - Try
    7. Love Interruption – James
    8. Juliet Simms – Oh Darling
    9. The Thrill is Gone – Mia Z
    10. Mean – Danielle Bradbery
    11. I kissed a girl – Michelle Chamuel
    12. One More Try – Josh Kaufman
    13. Sweater Weather – Taylor Phelan
    14. Skinny Love – Brooke Adee
    15. I Feel Good – Anthony Riley
    16. What A Girl Wants – Judith Hill
    17. The Scientist – Holly Henry
    18. Sisaundra Lewis – ain't no way
    19. Chris Mann - Believe We Believe
    20. Javier Colon – Time After Time

    Agree? Disagree? Did I miss any? Thoughts in general?

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  • Spurrious -

    That is such a awesome audition.

    You did pretty good....I do think you have winner winner chicken dinner Danielle too low and Holly too low.