Week 1 of The Voice (Recap)

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  • So, first week of Blind's down. Here are my personal power rankings of the contestants that auditioned this week.

    1. Jordan Smith (Chandelier) - He just has an incredible voice. Probably the only contestant with an incredible voice that we were shown this week. (Team Adam)

    2. Ellie (We Don’t Have To Take Off Our Clothes) - Ellie’s entire audition was excellent. She was adorable in her excitement for Gwen. Her song was different. Her voice has a sweetness too it, but still a layer of rasp. Sometimes Indie girls can have voices that are too small, but Ellie proved in her audition she didn’t. Either she goes far or Gwen makes a huge error. (Team Gwen)

    3. James Dupre (Let Her Cry) - So, the first time I watched “The Voice” I actually agreed with Adam’s arguments. But after years of watching the show, it’s clear Blake is a huge help to country singers, and if your heart is there..it is stupid to go elsewhere. That being said, James’ eyes seemed to light up when Adam mentioned James Taylor, so maybe he’s not planning on being pure country, and maybe James can be another Amber. (Team Adam)

    4. Nadjah Nicole (Tightrope) - This is a very difficult song to sing in an audition, and I might have been too hard on her the first listen. She keeps the pace of the song, and she changes some of the melody in a positive way to show off her voice. She’s also adorable and looks like a pop star. Essentially, all the boxes are checked on this girl, but something about her doesn’t click with me. (Team Blake)

    5. Regina Love (Rock Steady) - Let’s be honest, we know this story. Older, incredible, African American, apparently unable to resist Adam Levine’s charm. She’s got a voice on her, she’s got energy. She’s got personality. But Adam’s not going to take her farther than the playoffs. (Team Adam)

    6.Evan McKee (Typical/Overjoyed) l - Interesting voice. He’s got energy, a nice tone, and a little rasp. He had a very sweet back story. He was more impressive though, singing the Stevie Wonder songs. Hopefully Pharrell takes him in more of that direction. And to be honest, his comments suggest this may not have been his first choice in Audition songs. (Team Pharrell)

    7. Barrett Baber (Angel Eyes) - On the one hand, I can see why he was a featured audition. A good looking family man who sings country with a heroic backstory on Team Blake. #Frontrunner. But his voice is kind of thin, he doesn’t have the best breath control, and he seems sort of all around bland. It wasn’t a bad audition by any means, but I hope he’s not the peak of talent this season. (Team Blake)

    8. Ivonne Acero (Style) - #babyMichelle She came back with more unique phrasing, a cool cover of T-Swfit’s “Style” and a killer belt. She’s got a full voice, and given her age I think a lot of potential as well. (Team Pharrell)

    9. Emily Ann Roberts (I Hope You Dance) - #Danielle’sLongLostSister I thought her nerves were on display throughout most of the verses but she killed the Chorus. She could be one to watch with Blake. (Team Blake)

    10. Mark Hood (Use Me) - He seems like he’s got a lot of talent, but the audition song doesn’t do him justice. Meanwhile, the personality portion of his audition made him appear a little irritating. (Team Pharrell)

    11. Keith Semple (I’ll Be There For You) - He had a very good audition, but a very bland one. This guy kind of screams fodder. (Team Adam)

    12. Siahna Im (Fever) - Hard to ignore her lack of range and control issues throughout the audition. However, it’s even harder to ignore her tone. (Team Pharrell)

    13. Kota Wade (Bring It On Home) - I liked this a lot better the first time around. She’s got some interesting facets to her voice, but she’s also got a potentially irritating tone and a lack of control. (Team Gwen)

    14. Blind Joe (IF It Hadn’t Been For Love) - He’s got a cool tone. Ultimately, I don’t think he’s good enough to make lives. (Team Blake)

    15. Braiden Sunshine (The Mountains Win Again) - #BabyMatt He actually has a really nice, old school sound. That being said, he might be a year or two away from really being ready for this. (Team Gwen)

    16. Zach Seabaugh (Take Your Time) - He sounds just like Sam Hunt (with less breath control.) Pharrell asking if this is a country song is the best part of this audition. (Team Blake)

    As for contestants that didn't earn a spot on a team, personally, I liked Grandpa Sawyer and the guy who sang the Bruno song better than a few contestants (quite a few) that made a team. I also found myself wishing they had shown Hanna Ashbrook's audition as her studio is outstanding.

    A few other thoughts..

    Speaking of montages, there's no reason to show voice auditions that don't turn a chair when there are contestants that turned a chair who get montaged. I have a hard time believing all the people about to be montaged this season screwed up.

    As much as I like each coach individually, I just don't think they gel. Gwen is sweet, but I find myself missing Shakira's humor and Christina's fight..at least on a panel with sweet Pharrell too. (Maybe that's it, maybe there's a lack of banter with these four, so then we're back to Blake and Adam's schtick. ) And can we please have Usher back? I need a coach I can trust with all of my non country favorites.

    Overall I'd say this was a solid week of auditions, with only one real breakout..(and even that one wouldn't have been in some of the other seasons.)

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  • Spurrious -

    Emily Ann Roberts is one of the the most adorable chair turners ever....that could help....ahem....wait....that didn't help Brooke much. :) Hope she does well but at this point I'm all in on team Ellie! Blake is an idiot for not turning!

    • mercfan3 -

      Looking at her youtubes prior to the season, I think she's actually better than what her blind showed. (Nerves, IMO.)

    • Spurrious -

      Oh ....you could FEEL the nerves in her. She seems to have a lot of kid left in her....which makes her even more adorable. I've been listening to some of my favs prior work even before the show ran. I think she can do better....hopefully.