Bria Kelly's - Why Me

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  • Bria Kelly recently partnered up with song writers from BMI and Nashville producers to cowrite the song "Why Me." The song and music video (which Bria also had a hand in making) were created in order to help stop dog fighting by creating awareness and empathy towards the abuse of theses animals. I also believe for every single sold, 90 cents will go to an anti-dog fighting organization. (The song is 99 cents on iTunes.)

    The song was written from the perspective of a dog, and therefore it would be hard, given the lyrics, to relate the song to anything else. The song still pulls at your heart (particularly if you care about this issue or animal welfare in general. ) Bria sounds great. Her voice is soft and beautiful, showing a head voice that she didn't display on The Voice. (Nice to see improvement.) And there is, of course, the Bria belting involved.

    The music video replaces human beings with the dogs and shows some of the abuse fighting dogs suffer, the message being "abuse is abuse." This reminds me of the performance art that Lush creates, where they put humans through the same treatments that cosmetic lab animals go through. I thought the video was actually a little more tame than I was expecting. It certainly makes it's point without being gruesome.

    I'm actually pretty proud of Bria for this. I wonder if this is the type of direction she wants to take her career, more of a musical activist than simply a musician. Regardless, I hope the song does well for Bria and for the cause she's representing.

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