The Voice Recap (Week 2)

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  • I thought this week was a significant improvement over last week. In general, the Coach's seemed to gell a bit better, the talent seemed to be stronger, and we definitely saw some interesting acts. Adam also seems to be on quite the roll in terms of talent. Here's my power rankings for week two of contestants.

    1. Andi & Alex (Thank You) - Hard not to put them at #1..given they officially have the highest iTunes sales of the season (so far)…their harmonies are incredible, the arrangement was great (and unique) and on a personal note, they’re the first duo I’ve really liked. (Team Adam)

    2. Morgan Frazier (I Want You To Want Me) - Great arrangement. She comes across as very authentic. She had great control of her voice, and clearly knows what she wants to be. Definitely interesting to have a great country contestant that also seems to want to show her creativity. (Team Blake)

    3. Jeffrey Austin (Lay Me Down) - Shame on the boys for not turning around. Easily one of the best vocalists we've heard from this season. This guy actually reminds me of Josh Kaufman. (Team Gwen)

    4. Krista Hughes (Angel From Montgomery) - One of my favorite voices this season. Her vocal is sweet and smokey and sounds like she’d kill a Janis song. If she sticks around, look for her to be a favorite. (Team Blake)

    5. Manny Cabo (Here I Go Again) - No way around it, this guy was fantastic. Incredible range and control. (Team Adam)

    6. Viktor Kiraly (What’s Going On) - Speaking of the pretty singing white boys, we just found the top of the demo. (Team Adam)

    7. Lyndsey Elm (Lips Are Moving) - She might have had a few technical errors, but her cool arrangement and undeniable “it factor” ranks her high on the list. And got her a 4 chair turn. (Team Gwen)

    8. Celeste Betton (Love You I Do) - Not quite sure why she was only a one chair turn, but she’s great. (Team Pharrell)

    9. Cole Criske (Dreaming With a Broken Heart) - His tone is absolutely gorgeous, but considering the strength of his demo, I don’t expect him to last long. (Team Blake)

    10. Korin Bukowski (CeCelia and the Satellite) - Admittedly, like Mark..Korin irritated me in her pre performance package. She does have an interesting voice, that is a little more than the typical coffee house singer. Her audition was quite good. (Team Gwen)

    11. Tyler Dickerson (Hard To Handle) - Very powerful, very energetic. He’s got potential. (Team Blake)

    12. Chris Crump - (Thinking Out Loud) if all these pretty singing white boys stay in the competition, we’re about to hear a lot of Ed Sheeran. This was just meh. (Team Blake)

    13. Madi Davis - (It’s Too Late) I found Madi to be a little too effected. But she’s young, and that sort of thing could be trained out of her. (Team Pharrell)

    14. Amanda Ayala - (Mississippi Queen) She had a powerful voice, but like Gwen, I couldn’t help but notice how young her voice sounded on the music she likes to sing. (Team Adam)

    15. Alex Kandel (Bright) - had high expectations for her, and she started out awesome with a great tone but she showed a lot of technical problems. (Team Gwen)

    16. Jubal and Amanda (Seven Bridges Road) - They were pretty good, but they’re losing votes from me for their stunt. (Team Pharrell)

    17. Chance Pena (I See Fire) - This was weak. He’s young, but he doesn’t even have the potential that Sunshine does. (Team Adam)

    18. Darius Scott (You Make Me Wanna) - Why? Why were so many buttons pushed for him? So many technical issues, and I can’t handle someone butchering an Usher song like that. (Team Pharrell)


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  • sono -

    Keep your eyes on shareit app.

  • Spurrious -

    Your comment about Darius could be easily expanded to: "Why? Why were so many buttons pushed for [ fill in the blank]. For sure there is some excellent talent but all the 4 chair turns didn't make much sense....and it was worst last week. Meanwhile your weekly #2 and my current #1 got 2.

    As to Andi & Alex I totally love them but I worry about song choices (Adam!) and I think harmonies that tight (which I see as their tier 1 strength) are gonna be hard to pull off week after week. That will take a lot more work and time than singing a solo. Hope I'm wrong because I seriously love their harmonies.

    • mercfan3 -

      I think it's the Gwen/Pharrell effect. Usher and Xtina are a little more picky with who they turn for. (probably because pitch matters to them..)