The Voice Season 9 Recap (Week 3 - End of Blinds)

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  • 1. Shelby Brown (Stars) - We’ve seen Baby Michelle, Danielle’s long lost sister..and baby Amber Carrington decided to show herself..(she also ended up on the same Team as Amber..unfortunately) This one is more of a clone, because she looks like her..and sounds like her. And when you sound like Amber Carrington, you get the number one spot. (Team Adam)

    *On a sidenote, Amber would have killed “Stars”

    2. Amy Vachal (Dream a little Dream) - I’ve found my snowflake. To quote Adam “They sent out the best girl singer ever, and the prettiest.” And although that might be some hyperbole, Amy is simply exquisite. (Team Pharrell)

    *as another sidetone, does any other week 3 audition matter after these two?

    3. Sydney Rhame (Photograph) - Very unique song, and kind of cool yodel sound she made, and her head voice was beautiful. A very striking audition, but it was definitely filled with nerves. (Team Pharrell)

    4. Dustin Christensen (Downtown Train) - Great power. Great control. Unique tone. He showed he could be a pretty good contestant this season.

    5. Blaine Mitchell (Drops of Jupiter) - Once again, another powerful singer..but he struggled with control. However, he is a rock singer..and he showed a strong emotional connection, which is no small feat considering the song. (Team Blake)

    6. Chase Kerby (The Scientist) - I think this song itself is magical, because i have yet to hear a bad cover. The whispy quality of his voice worked well with this song, but might be an issue in later rounds. (Team Gwen)

    7. Summer Schappell (Strawberry Wine) - points for song choice. I thought she showed some good control and a nice head voice, but there are a lot better country singers this season.

    8. Dustin Monk (Bright Lights) - I’ll admit, I judged the neck tattoo a bit. He showed a lot of power in his voice, but there were some technical issues that were either breath control or nerves. (Team Adam)

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  • Spurrious -

    Q: *as another sidetone, does any other week 3 audition matter after these two?
    A: No

    * since side notes are thing....Amy is my wife's snowflake too.

    * as another side note Danielle would have killed "I Hope You Dance"

    • mercfan3 -

      That's right in Danielle's wheelhouse. It's too bad Miley started getting a little nutty during that season, because Danielle would have sounded amazing on "The Climb" too.

    • Spurrious -

      Well we did get to watch Audra crush Megan with "The Climb"....despite Adam claiming Megan matched her. That was a bold face lie.