Indie Artist Spotlight: Ruthie Collins - High Lonesome and the Soul of Country Music

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  • "Things that do not go together: An upright bass and a dance beat. Crafting parties and honky tonks. New York and hillbillies. Instagram and romance. Tones harkening back to Hank Senior and a sound fresh enough to turn country music on its ear. Somehow, Curb Records newcomer Ruthie Collins doesn’t just bring those polar opposites a little closer, she connects them in a way that makes perfect sense.
    The effect is stunning – nowhere more so than on her debut single “Ramblin’ Man.”

    From Ruthie Collin's website-"Ruthie's Story"

    I found Ruthie, when I first heard her new EP, sitting comfortably near the intersection of Allison Krauss, the Dixie Chicks, Emmylou Harris, and Tom Petty. She also has at her command the old high, lonesome sound of traditional bluegrass. As the Huffington Post recently wrote, "Her ability to balance what inspires her, old or new, is so natural and so engaging that whatever you first discover about her is likely to lead to all of the other things that make her so unique." This young singer has a beautiful tone, tons of vocal control and nuance, writes compelling lyrics and hooks and sounds like she might just be the real deal, whether rocking out in a country way in Trainwreckin' (reminiscent of Sin Wagon by the Chicks) or singing as soulfully as Dolly and Emmylou in heartbreakers like Get Drunk and Cry or Dead Heart Walking.

    Ruthie was born in New York and was raised on a 13 acre grape farm that had been in her family for 200 years. She attended Berklee College of Music in Boston--the alma mater of kindred spirit Natalie Maines. She then moved to Nashville in 2006. Ruthie's first mark was as part of a duo called Wild Honey with her friend Victoria Gibson; they made it to sixth place in 2008 in CMT's Can You Duet. Ruthie has since gone solo and recently released her self-titled six-song EP for Sidewalk/Curb Records, with a re-imagined "Ramblin' Man" by Hank Williams, Sr., as her first single. She seems set to take off.

    Give her a listen ahead of the crowds and see what you think.

    Ramblin' Man

    Get Drunk and Cry

    Dead Heart Walking

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  • TeamAudra -

    She's with Curb Records though. Good luck with that.

  • C S Nash -

    Great to hear she's making that kind of impression! Stumbled on her while channel surfing past Country Deep on cable a few weeks ago; had to stop what I was doing to listen and then go find out who she was and what she had done. It will be exciting to see where Ruthie goes from here but hope she's a big part of the next era for country. One of my favorite new voices.

  • jwhite0316 -

    I LOVE Ruthie! I saw her perform at the Song Suffragettes show in Nashville the Monday after CMA Fest and was blown away by her! She is an amazing country music star!