Indie Artist Spotlight: Lera Lynn Update

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  • Since the post about Lera, she has become a minor phenomenon for her True Detective appearances, both for the spooky, highly stylized songs she co-wrote (Roseanne Cash/T-Bone Burnett) and for her short appearances as a drugged-out, hollow-faced, yellow-toothed bar singer in what a critic called the worlds's most depressing bar. In fact, she may have fared far better with the public than the show or its stars. Now, that notoriety is beginning to fade and her musicianship is getting serious attention. Her new video of My Least Favorite Life, earned a write up in Rolling Stone, at the link. See Lera Lynn's Soul-Baring Take on 'My Least Favorite Life' | Rolling Stone.

    Check out the video. It might not be what you'd expect.

    My Least Favorite Life

    For fun, the clip in the bar from the episode is below. Lera appears early on and intermittently.

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