The Voice Battles Recap (Week 1)

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  • And now, everyone's least favorite part of the show. Montages. Poorly chosen songs. People go home when they shouldn't have. People stay when they really shouldn't have. (I'm looking at you, Ryan Sil). So, without any other comment, here's my power ranking.

    1. Keith Semple vs. Manny Cabo: Keith really impressed me with this, and could show himself to be a dark horse on Team Adam.
    Very strong vocally here, and his pitch was incredibly impressive. In fact, Manny was only slightly under, and I think the only way it was noticeable was because of how on Keith was. It's a shame Manny wasn't stolen, however, as he does deserve to still be in the competition. (Winner Keith)

    2. Jordan vs. Regina - Glad Gwen made this steal. Both deserved to move forward, for me, this one just edged out Celeste and Mark for best of the night on day 1. (Winner Jordan, Regaina Stolen by Gwen)

    3. Celeste vs Mark: In a lot of ways, the best battle of the night. These two had crazy chemistry. I would have gone with Celeste, but I understand the appeal of Mark. He’s got a lot of talent. (His tone just annoyed me in this.) (Winner Mark)

    4. James vs Dustin: is such a brilliant singer. But Dustin had a cool gravel too it. I’d go with James, but it could have gone either way. (Winner James)

    5. Barrett vs. Dustin: They sounded good. For some reason, it just feels like both voices are limited. But they did a good job. I would have gone with Barrett too. (All these great girls, and I’d still bet on Barrett to win it. (Winner Barrett, Dustin stolen by Adam)

    6. Ivonne Acero vs. Siahna Im: Is it just me or does Siahna have a week voice, even if an interesting tone? I thought Ivonne was the clear winner and glad to see she was stolen. (Winner Siahna, Ivonne Stolen by Blake)

    7. Ellie Vs. Tim: It’s a really bad battle, and Ellie slapped Tim around. Really, WTF Adam and Blake. It wasn’t close. (WTF is with the Steal?) Ellie is so freaking likable too. (Winner Ellie, Tim stolen by Pharrell)

    8. Chris Crump vs Krista Hughes: It wasn't a good battle to begin with, but then Blake picked generic over potential. (Winner Chris Chrump)

    9. Tyler vs. Zach - This wasn’t that great either. Blake should have cut them both an kept Barrett and Dustin. Even still, Tyler was the clear winner. (Winner Zach. Whatever Blake.)

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