The Voice Recap (Battle Week 2)

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  • The battles are always interesting. Even though they are most people's least favorite portion of the show, I do think we learn something about each contestant, and contestants establish themselves on their coaches team. We also get the opportunity to point and laugh at terrible coaching decisions.

    1. Evan McKeel vs. Riley Biederer (Higher Ground) : This was a competitive battle. I didn’t detect a single vocal error. Both singers have great instincts. Evan is simply vocal perfection. He’s undoubtedly someone that could leave this competition being called the best male vocalist in Voice history. (To be fair, there are a few this season that have that potential.) And Riley kept up with him, in his musical lane. In the end, Pharrell picked right in going with Evan, but Riley got a deserved steal. (Winner Evan, Riley Stolen by Gwen)

    2. Emily Ann Roberts vs. Morgan Frazier (I’m that Kind of Girl) : If you know Blake, you know who he is going to choose in this situation. (The teenage girl. Always the teenage girl.) And it’s not that Emily is undeserving to move forward. She was quite good. (In fact, Blake might have stuck his strongest two contestants together here.) But Morgan gave the best vocal this week. She showed range and power that I didn’t know she had (and that her audition certainly didn’t show.) Her control was unbelievable. If Pharrell allows for creative control this season, Morgan might be in a better place anyway. (Winner Emily, Morgan stolen by Pharrell)

    3. Chase Kerby vs. Korin Bukowski (Samson) : And we have a dark horse this season in Korin. The first ten seconds of this battle were vocally perfect, and Korin continued to be so despite Chase’s best efforts to deter that. Really cool song choice as well. (Winner Korin)

    4. Andi & Alex vs. Chance Pena (Wherever You Will Go): On paper this really shouldn’t have worked. Together they shouldn’t have gone well (Chance didn’t have that great of a blind anyway.) And the song was an odd choice. But this sounded more like a duet than a battle. Beautiful job by all contestants. Even if the steal was probably wasted. (Winner Andi & Alex, Chance stolen by Blake)

    5. Shelby Brown vs. Amanda Ayala (Edge of Seventeen) This is an example as to why some Voice fans cringed when Shelby chose Adam over Blake. Amanda, the teenage classic rock singer was far more in her element here than Shelby. However, Shelby's voice still reigned supreme and Adam made the correct decision in picking her. Amanda still sounds young, which doesn't quite fit with her music of choice. In a few years she'll be ready, but Shelby's ready now. (Winner, Shelby Brown)

    6. Amy Vachal vs. Jubal and Amanda (To Love Somebody): Confession time, I’m still biased against the duo after their on air proposal. I’m also biased in favor of Amy, because she is my snowflake. That being said, it was a strange pairing. The song didn’t quite fit either contestant. Jubal and Amanda are belters and Amy’s voice is gentle and elegant. Strange all around. At the same time, Blake’s statement summed up the situation, the duo was good but you can’t move forward without Amy. (Winner Amy)

    7. Cassandra Robertson vs. Viktor Kiraly (Nobody Knows): I personally thought that the melisma was a little too strong for this song. I was also surprised that the judges were shocked that Viktor (a four chair turn) kept up with Cassandra (a one chair turn). I’m not sure Adam could have gone wrong here, but it doesn’t surprise me that he went with the bro. (And to be fair, he had a slight lead for me too.) (Winner Viktor)

    8. Blaine Mitchell vs. Blind Joe (Old Time Rock and Roll): Tough to tell who won here because Blind Joe shouted over all of Blaine’s lines. I’m not a fan of Blaine, but I’m glad he got another chance. (Winner Blind Joe, Blaine stolen by Adam)

    9. Braiden Sunshine vs. Lyndsey Elm (No One Is To Blame): I peaked at spoilers. I knew what was coming. And I was upset before I saw the battle. But I stand by this, if you can’t beat Sunshine, you probably didn’t deserve to move forward anyway. (Winner Braiden Sunshine)

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  • Spurrious -

    Amy did make it into my snowflake lane with that performance. 100% agree with your Morgan comments ...which just serves to infuriate me. However, about "Always the teenage girl" *cough* Brooke Adee ***cough***.