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  • Tomorrow starts the live shows, and here's a quick guide to contestants heading into lives. (From strongest to weakest teams)

    General thoughts on This season..this may be the strongest group of guys we've ever seen on any reality tv season. On any other season at any other show, Barrett would be one of the strongest technical male vocalists, instead, he rates near the middle or end of the pack. It's somewhat of a gender reversal, where the men are powerhouses and the women are more of the singer songwriter variety.

    1. Gwen Stefani:

    Who would have guessed that Gwen's team of one chair turners would turn into such a strong team. A few key steals, and a few gems have meant that Gwen leads the coaches in talent. Let's see how she holds up.

    - Viktor: Even if he's not my personal favorite, it's hard to argue against him getting top billing on Team Gwen. Unlimited range. Unlimited control. A dreamy tone. And quite frankly, a nice look too. He has the entire package. Song choice will be key (as it will with most singers) in whether he wins or not.

    - Korin: She started off the show on a mellow note. Her prepackage was slightly annoying, her blind wasn't too memorable, she was a one chair turn. But she proved herself in every round, showcasing her beautiful head voice. Gwen's song choices for her have been spot on, and have allowed Korin to truly shine.

    - Jeffery: Another once chair turn (although he shouldn't have been. ) His song choices have been iTunes bait, and he's delivered..singing both Adele and Sam Smith beautifully.

    - Regina: Make no mistake, Regina's not fourth because she's done poorly, or because she shouldn't be part of the top 12. She should. She's fantastic. She's just on a deep team. She's unique on Gwen's team with her soul and energy. Definitely a fun contestant, and definitely one who could sneak into the top 12.

    - Braiden: This teenager does have talent, he just may be in over his head a bit, especially on a team such as Gwen's. His knockout performance was good, but he's going to need to be amazing to take a spot in the top 12.

    2. Adam Levine:

    After sweeping pretty much all the talent in the blinds (and then promptly getting rid of most of it) he was gifted with the beautiful and talented Amy Vachal (thanks Pharrell?), and of course, still had a team full of talent after a few questionable decisions.

    - Amy Vachal: She's a classic singer. Mixing a crooner style with singer-songwriter vibes. She's dominated on iTunes (from the contestants still remaining.) Song choice will be especially key for her (which may spell trouble given she's Team Adam.)

    - Jordan: Another incredible male vocalist. Like Viktor and Jeffery, he has everything going for him vocally. We'll see if powerful male vocalists are popular or if Jordan will need to pick a musical lane other than pop.

    - Shelby: Shelby is clearly extremely talented. The 17 year old has some huge pipes. She's shown some nerves, and some questions about her musical identity..but Adam may have said it best in that Shelby's biggest competition on this show is Shelby.

    - Blaine: Once again, Blaine's not bad. In a lot of seasons he would easily take one of the top 2 spots. (In fact, if he was on Blake or Pharrell's team, he likely would.) He's got a unique voice, and is an incredibly fun performer. Once again, if one of the top 3 falter for Team Adam, I see Blaine possibly sneaking in.

    - Keith: Once again, great male vocalist. He's a bit dated, and his tone is a bit nasal. But truly, another contestant that should be top 12 material, but is simply stuck on a stacked team.

    3. Blake Shelton

    Here's the thing about Blake. He only needs one good one. They don't even need to be the best. But Blake just needs a possible winner, and he's at least guaranteed second. He'll run circles around the other coaches in terms of appealing his contestants to fans and song choices, and even though Gwen and Adam's teams are stacked, Blake probably has the winner.

    - Morgan : And here is our likely winner. Experienced. Driven. Talented. Creative. Morgan's shown elements of an artist that is a record label's dream. If you're placing bets on a winner, here is a good place to start.

    - Emily: Emily is full of potential, and her knockout showed her start to live up to it. Talent wise, she's just as good as Morgan. But she's young, inexperienced, and her nerves make her a wildcard.

    -Barrett: He's not really anything special, but he's also not bad and certainly appealing. His performance ability is also very good. My guess is, if he makes the top 12, he'll make it pretty far.

    - Ivonne: Although I think she can (and likely will) sneak into the top 3 on Blake's team, and she's full of talent and potential, she hasn't had everything come back to her in the way that Emily did in Emily's knockout. It'll be exciting to see how the second wildcard on Team Blake works out.

    -Zach: A 16 year old bro country singer. He's probably most guaranteed to not make the top 12.

    4. Pharrell Williams

    After having wonderfully talented young contestants last season, Pharrell's team is a bit lacking. He choose to stick to one genre (soul) without contestants that are great in said genre. He does have a gem, but expect Pharrell to be eliminated first among the coaches.

    -Evan: Evan is yet another wonderfully talented vocalist. His voice is essentially perfect, although his range not quite as great as some of the other men, his tone and slight rasp are simply beautiful. The one concern is that he seems to excel in old school R&B, such as Stevie Wonder. Will he be too outdated to win?

    - Madi: This season had a plethora of great male vocalists, and indie girls. Madi is one of the few remaining indie girls. Her voice is powerful, so she likely isn't going to fall victim to bandzilla. But she also seems to lack the xfactor that some of the other contestants have.

    - Riley: Riley on the other hand, has the personality and the "it" factor. She is also quite talented. But she lacks control. She'll have to settle her nerves and give a performance that her talent is capable of.

    -Mark: Mark has a lot of energy and a lot of personality. He makes some interesting musical choices, but it's likely that his limited range and control will get him into trouble given the rest of the male vocalists on the show this season.

    -Darius: Darius is ambitious in his musical choices. He loves runs and he loves big songs, but his voice isn't quite up to singing them yet. He needs to gain some serious control before he could make the top 12.

    As most of us know, we have an actual wildcard round this season. Wildcards will be revealed during the show, which will likely shake things up even more.

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