And We Have our Top 12

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  • Recapping the American Idol The Voice top 12.

    Here's the thing, The first season of The Voice I watched was season 4. After quite a few seasons of Idol's redundancy and sexism, I decided to give The Voice a try. (Also, Usher is pretty and I love Shakira.) Michelle Chamuel was a reminder of what American Idol never could be, and Danielle Bradbery was a reminder of what American Idol was supposed to be about. They were the most consistent performers that season..and Danielle won, and Michelle came in second.

    The Voice followed that up with Season 5:, where we had another little girl, Jacquie Lee, who was once again a reminder of when Idol was great. And Tessanne Chin, probably the greatest singer The Voice has ever had. The "greatest" singer never wins Idol..she won The Voice though.

    And then in season 6:, once again, the best singer and most consistent performer won. (Josh Kaufman..)

    Season 7: didn't quite have great singers, but there were a group of male performers who were the most consistent, and it was easy to see that they got the votes and made the finale.

    Season 8: Sawyer Fredericks is incredible. He really is one of the most talented individuals to come on this show. (Especially given his age.) He's a much better singer than ever given credit for. His arrangements and musicianship showed throughout the show, and his strongest asset is his songwriting..He's such a talented kid and absolutely deserved his win.

    But some strange things happened that season. After delivering a great vocal on an okay song..Mia Z was eliminated 12th. Then, after being the second favorite on iTunes all season, Kimberly was eliminated sixth. And I couldn't help but question "Is it becoming harder for female vocalists to stick around?"

    And that brings me to our votes tonight.

    First of all, Thank you Adam Levine. Thank you for pimping the right contestants. Than you for making the right wildcard choices. Thank you for your fans voting for the right contestants. Thank you.

    Top 3 on Team Adam
    Amy (Save)

    Here are were the problems start..

    Team Gwen
    Korin (Save)

    - Jeffery obviously deserved his spot. But Braiden Sunshine? He gave the worst performance on Team Gwen. I'm going to stay optimistic and hope that he was only top 2 because the rest of Gwen's team stunk too, but I'm concerned.

    Team Blake
    Emily (save)

    - Barrett was mediocre and Zach's song was absolutely ridiculous. I give Zach credit for going for it, and maybe even earning himself a spot with that..but why Barrett? (I know..pimp spot..). Emily had a Top 10 iTunes, and still didn't beat these two.

    And meanwhile, Morgan, Ivonne, and Nadjah are all talented girls that would have made a much better addition to the Top 12 than the two guys we have now.

    And finally, we have Pharrell

    Mark (Coach Save)

    - Everyone knew Pharrell was going to do it, but it's still a shame. Riley gave a fantastic performance last night.

    At the end of the day, as much as I'm worried about what may happen to this show, via sausagefest situation. The Voice can put a stop too it. It happened to Idol because Idol let it happen to them. Idol decided to systematically favor the men in ridiculous ways, The Voice needs to avoid that. (I think Xtina will make sure it doesn't happen.)

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