The Semi-finals..where we are..and where we should be

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  • So, my plan was to do a recap per lives for this blog. Obviously that failed. (For various reasons.) One reason I think, is my lack of enthusiasm for this cast..which might have been a little unfair on my part..but really..

    We saw contestants that should be potential winners lose early (Ellie, Morgan, Andi & Alex, James)
    We saw contestants that have no business being in the top 12, in the top 12. (Zach and Sunshine)
    We saw contestants who started out so very promising, seemingly not be able to handle the lives (Shelby, Korin)

    And although this is true, there's a lot of good that can be taken in this season.

    We have two contestants that could rival Tessanne Chin for best vocalist ever on this show. (Jeffery, Jordan.) I would still go with Tessanne though.
    We have contestants flexing their creativity, and according to iTunes, have been quite successful. (Amy, Madi)
    We have a budding country singer who seems to only get better every week.

    So in short, this season is a lot like season 7. A lot of talent lost too early, and actually pretty heavily stacked at the top. A top 4 of Jordan, Jeffery, Emily, and Amy makes this season a win...if the voters are nice enough to not screw it up.

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