Top 10 American Idol Performances in it's final Season

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  • So I've been getting some feels lately. As much as American Idol has..bothered it's past few seasons. And as much as the talent isn't what it's used to be. I grew up with this show. It's made a tremendous impact on my life musically. Both in finding artists that I want to follow after the show..and following artists who I had never heard of prior to watching the show. (Confession, I know who Janis Joplin and Led Zeppelin are because of American Idol.) It was a cultural phenomenon, and although I've been watching this season for the snark and nostalgia..there's a part of me that's going to miss it dearly. It's like when the final Harry Potter book came out, an end of an era. (Although, Harry Potter was still good by the seventh book..)

    And of course, American Idol is probably the reason The Voice exists. So despite this being The Voice forums, I thought I'd pay a little tribute, both in my Top 10 performances this season, as well as a Top performances of all time at some point in the near future.

    *I Can't make the entire list La'Porsha, Trent, and one or two Avalon/Sonika songs, so yes..there are arguments for some of their other performances over some of the ones I would get repetitive. Heck, they might be over represented as it is.

    10. Tennessee Whiskey - Trent Harmon

    Once again, Trent's southern gospel roots were perfect for this song. His tone fit perfectly with it, and I like the more gospel less country take on it. (Of course, that's a matter of preference.) As Harry has pointed out, Trent is great at building up a song in the 90 seconds the contestant has to sing it. This performance left me a little cold personally, but technically it was quite good. And when it all comes down to it, Trent is "quite good"..which is probably better than Idol could have hoped for in it's last winner.

    9. Yo (Excuse Me Miss) - Avalon Young

    Avalon made a huge splash with this performance. "Yo" was cool, modern, different, charismatic..everything you could potentially want in a future winner. It wasn't difficult vocally, but it stuck out in the performances this season both for the choice in general and also for Avalon's stage presence. Like "Rebel Yell" for Dalton, "Yo" announced Avalon's arrival to the competition as a contender.

    8. Glory - La'Porsha Renae

    La'Porsha performs a beautiful vocal on a powerful anthem. The song fit her like a glove. Everything about this was "right." It's ranked lower than it might have been had the bandzilla not taken over..and perhaps had their been a little more feeling. Like Trent's "Tennessee Whiskey" it left me a bit cold. Maybe there's something to having too perfect of a fit.

    7. Roses - Mackenzie Bourg

    Mackenzie has a beautiful tone despite his limited abilities. His musical tone is clearly in his songwriting, which is shown thoroughly in this song. Being able to sing his original song brought something out of Mackenzie that really wasn't seen throughout the rest of the competition (where he became monotonous. ) But here was a gorgeous performance.

    6. Drink You Away - Trent Harmon

    Trent's vocal on this is ridiculous, it's too bad you can't hear parts of it. #bandzilla. Trent was certainly great at picking songs for himself, that not only showcased his voice, but also represented him.

    5. Bring Me To Life - Sonika Vaid

    I think the general consensus this season was that there was a clear top 3 in Trent, La'Porsha, and Avalon (oops.), and if anyone was going to break that up it would be Olivia Rox. (oops.) Sonika though, was an outside threat..someone who could grow and make a top 3 run. (Similar to Holly in season 11). And this performance was a breakout for her.

    4. Halo - La'Porsha Renae

    Girlfriend was bussed by the wardrobe department (a few times this season, but this might have been the worst). She does an absolutely beautiful job with this song. The bridge in the middle was stunning. She felt this song. It was just a beautiful performance.

    3. Chandelier - Trent Harmon

    Trent stopped the La'Porsha coronation march in it's tracks with this one. (Although, I don't personally believe that was ever the case..). His arrangement of the Sia classic was gorgeous, and his voice shined on an incredibly difficult track.

    2. Diamond - La'Porsha Renae

    La'Porsha's runs were flawless and not out the medley. Hell, La'Porsha was just flawless here. Her changes to the song were perfect. This performance showcased her voice, her creativity, her stage presence. After her Top 24 performance, there was some fear that La'Porsha would be too old school, too out of touch, but this performance proved otherwise. When you get Kelly to dance and declare you won, you know it's a great performance.

    1. Earned It - Avalon Young

    Throughout the competition, Avalon was clearly one of the most talented contestants in the field. But she would inevitably try and send herself home pick Justin Bieber and Chris Brown songs that didn't exactly thrill the Idol audience or show off her talents. This performance was cool and sexy and all she did was sit on a stool. In a season where I expected to only watch for the nostalgia and snark she gave me a little bit of that old school Idol magic with some modern relevance.

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