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  • Republic uploaded the Today Show and Access Hollywood videos here: Republic Records - Sawyer Fredericks

  • Quote from mercfan3: “Quote from TeamAudra: “Quote from mercfan3: “You know, you'd think he would have known. But considering he didn't even know the song "Drunk In Love" maybe he didn't quite grasp what his itunes domination meant. ” Yeah, I'm not really buying the "surprise." Sorry, Sawyer. ” He went a step too far with the humble card. ” It's actually a little sad cuz there's more to the story. He said he basically didn't have friends before the show because he kept to himself on the farm. So…

  • Quote from abouttoexplode: “ ” Excellent recap ATE!

  • mj, I don't have a copy of the first post of the IDF thread. They're repairing the server over the next few days, and as soon as I can go back in, I'll copy and paste that first post. But if you don't wanna wait and want to take over starting from scratch, that's fine too.

  • Craig was with Dot Records tho. Isn't that different? The press release does seem to indicate they want to keep him true to himself. But we'll see when they release whatever single. They also alluded to a short timeframe for an album release. The WNYT reporter who interviewed Sawyer all season long mentioned he got a $1 mil contract. Not sure if we'll get confirmation from another source.

  • LOL at the dislikes I'm getting from Matt fans. Really? But seriously guys, just do what you want. And don't worry, I won't post in this thread anymore.

  • Please post Sawyer-related articles and appearances since the finale here. This thread is meant as a quick-reference thread, not a discussion thread. Discussion about the articles and performances should go to the fan thread. Thanks. ARTICLES https://www.…

  • Quote from mockinge: “So here's a list of stations that either added Counting On Love to their mediabase form:…request.asp?c_let=s020-fm - Sirius XM Octane…request.asp?c_let=wrat-fm - The Rat 95.9 (Belmar, NJ)…request.asp?c_let=WHBC-FM - Mix 94.1 (Canton, OH) - this last one is a HotAc station. I've been told that you had to request it only on Rock stations since it's under the Rock format on AllAccess b…

  • I figured Republic wouldn't let him go, DUH! lol. And they sound so excited about him! Personally, I'm glad he's sharing a label with James Bay and Of Monsters and Men, and I hope he'll open for one of them. I could be wrong, but seems to me Republic's already done more for Sawyer since yesterday than for the previous winners to date. I think they're gonna give him the right amount of promo. You can tell from their press release that they know what the voters just handed them. I hope they send h…

  • Quote from Spurrious: “Quote from abouttoexplode: “Not sure merc, long term I actually think Nashville fits him best. I really can't picture him a L.A kinda guy. Gonna be interesting to see how they handle him. country/southern rock/blues , singer/songwriter, he has tons of his own material and potential future writings. Stuff he wrote at 13/14 is really good. ” It's not your daddy's Nashville anymore. Lots and lots of peeps are recording there now. Even international stars like Joss Stone now p…

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    Quote from kclarkson1323: “Up to #317 on iTunes now. ”

  • I never really paid attention to what happens after the show with the winner, since it's the first time my fave wins. So how long does it usually take for the label to make some kind of announcement? We're assuming right now it's gonna be Republic because of their tweets, but when do they make it official usually?

  • Quote from TeamAudra: “I saw the tweet from last night, but not the one from today. They're clearly excited about working with him. And Sawyer confirmed that Pharrell will be working with him on the album. Pharrell is outdoing Blake in the off the show stuff. ” Yep. Pharrell said at the press conference that Sawyer would be in the studio, and he would be right there with him. Things are really looking up. The stars are aligned for The Voice to get their breakout superstar, maybe in spite of Sawy…

  • The tweet from Republic Records last night seems to confirm they're not letting him go anywhere else: Republic Records @RepublicRecords · 18h 18 hours ago Congratulations @SawyerFrdrx! We are so excited about everything to come #VoiceFinale And today: Republic Records @RepublicRecords · 9h 9 hours ago still recovering from the epic evening that was the #VoiceFinale! Stay up to date with winner @SawyerFrdrx here:

  • Quote from Survivor: “Hey, Naira! I was going to ask for this on IDF, but add me ” Miracles do happen. And it happened with Sawyer this season. So many of us usually rooting for completely different contestants. How cool is that?

  • Quote from TeamAudra: “By the the Rolling Stone article I posted, Sawyer mentioned that Ray texted him to offer the song to him. Pretty cool! ” yeah, Sawyer mentioned it in the interview. He didn't mention the song had been part of a self-release album of his tho. Not sure why. But it was really cool of Ray to contact him and give him that song. I foresee a collab for his debut album.

  • Here's a HD video link of the whole interview: Press Conference with Season 8 Winner of THE VOICE Sawyer Fredericks, Pharrell Williams & Carson Daly

  • Quote from TeamAudra: “ ” Aww... Ray sent his congratulations! So happy for Sawyer! First time ever, any singing show, that my #1 favorite since the auditions friggin WINS! I'm stunned cuz it's a weird feeling I'm not used to, but so happy! Now comes the freaking out about what Republic can possibly do to ruin this. But I'm confident this time they're gonna be accountable to all the Voice TPTB. In the interview, Carson made it clear Sawye…

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    Hi guys. Checking out the new site. Nice to see IDFers alive and well in dem parts.

  • Quote from TeamAudra: “Thanks for starting the Sawyer thread! And welcome....haha To embed videos.... Source Code (1 line)” Thx TA! I'll edit this as soon as I can.