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  • The battles are always interesting. Even though they are most people's least favorite portion of the show, I do think we learn something about each contestant, and contestants establish themselves on their coaches team. We also get the opportunity to point and laugh at terrible coaching decisions.

    1. Evan McKeel vs. Riley Biederer (Higher Ground) : This was a competitive battle. I didn’t detect a single vocal error. Both singers have great instincts. Evan is simply vocal perfection. He’s undoubtedly someone that could leave this competition being called the best male vocalist in Voice history. (To be fair, there are a few this season that have that potential.) And Riley kept up with him, in his musical lane. In the end, Pharrell picked right in going with Evan, but Riley got a deserved steal. (Winner Evan, Riley Stolen by Gwen)

    2. Emily Ann Roberts vs. Morgan Frazier (I’m that Kind of Girl) : If you know Blake, you know who he is going to choose in this situation. (The teenage…
  • 1. Shelby Brown (Stars) - We’ve seen Baby Michelle, Danielle’s long lost sister..and baby Amber Carrington decided to show herself..(she also ended up on the same Team as Amber..unfortunately) This one is more of a clone, because she looks like her..and sounds like her. And when you sound like Amber Carrington, you get the number one spot. (Team Adam)

    *On a sidenote, Amber would have killed “Stars”

    2. Amy Vachal (Dream a little Dream) - I’ve found my snowflake. To quote Adam “They sent out the best girl singer ever, and the prettiest.” And although that might be some hyperbole, Amy is simply exquisite. (Team Pharrell)

    *as another sidetone, does any other week 3 audition matter after these two?

    3. Sydney Rhame (Photograph) - Very unique song, and kind of cool yodel sound she made, and her head voice was beautiful. A very striking audition, but it was definitely filled with nerves. (Team Pharrell)

    4. Dustin Christensen (Downtown Train) - Great power. Great control. Unique tone. He…