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    • #TBT BlackPink throwback video. Live Yonsei University AKARAKA Festival
      Their live performances are my favs.

      Lisa (the non Korean and youngest of the group) was very shy early on and worried about being accepted by Korean fans. The other members helped her along with the language and building her confidence in live shows.

      Translation of Lisa intro
      1.My first time at Yonsei University
      2. Oh my goodness it's really really pretty here. (the other girls didn't expect her to say that.)
      3. I heard that this is the best out of all university festivals out there, you guys are going to have a GREAT time with us today , right?

      Live performance (best viewed full screen (they're so tiny :)
    • This recent interview from JAPAN TV really shows the contrast of their fierce onstage personalities to their offstage humble shyness.
      The interview uses a mix of Japanese , English and Korean . Someone took a lot of time to add the subtitles.
      BlackPink was there to promote the re release of a mini album CD/DVD in Japan (all songs done in Japanese)
      Jennie seems the most versed in Japanese , Jisoo can understand many languages but mainly can only speak Korean. Rose in multi linguist and Lisa usually just smiles and nods at anything :D

      It's a 45 min TV interview

      Like many of the Japanese videos it may get taken down (hope not)
    • APRIL 2018 YG Life article
      Herald POP = Go Seung-ah] Black Pink has reached a milestone in achieving a billion view of all five songs announced since debuting over YouTube's 1 billion view up to 'STAY' music video.

      'STAY' music video surpassed the 100 million views on YouTube at 12:40 pm on the second. Two days ago, 'Playing With Fire' exceeded 200 million views, and Black Pink once again proved the power of 'Hit the Fairy'.
      As a result, Black Pink has released its debut single from the debut single "SQUARE ONE" to "Whistle" and "Boombaya", the second single "SQUARE TWO" to "Playing With Fire" and "STAY" All five songs exceeded a billion views.

      YG Entertainment unveiled a special festival to commemorate the 1 million view of 'STAY' through its official blog ( in time for the achievement of the record of Black Pink.

      'STAY' in 'SQUARE TWO' on November 1, 2016 got hot attention with 1 million views in 7 hours and 10 million views in 5 days. It finally broke the 100 million view in one year and five months.
      'STAY' is emotional country pop with guitar riff and string. 'Being by my side' contained a sad heart. The music video is a sensational image of the lonely feeling of the members of the Black Pink.

      Black Pink has been building a new record in the YG since it was introduced in seven years. Debut songs like 'Boombayah' and 'Last Like' are running towards the 300 million view. 'Playing With Fire' recently exceeded 200 million views and 'Whistle' is about to reach 200 million view in the near future. Black Pink, who has had five billion songs in his first year of debut, will have a new record in the future.

      Black Pink has recently recorded a new album and entered the domestic comeback countdown.

    • Throw Back Thursday #TBT video
      BlackPink's cover of Miquel's Sure Thing. It now has over 15 million views.

      One of the over looked things about this live cover is the awesome performance by JISOO (purple hair on the left). JISOO can not speak English (very limited) yet she understands English and normally will answer back in Korean.

      Another fact about the video is that Jennie and Lisa wrote the added rap parts to the original song.

    • BLACKPINK Jets Back to Japan for Sukkiri SUPER LIVE in Budokan 2018

      April 20, 2018. Blackpink Jisoo, Jennie, Rose and Lisa were seen at Gimpo Airport heading to Japan ahead of their performance at Sukkiri SUPER LIVE in Budokan 2018. The show will be held tomorrow, April 21, 2018 at Nippon Budokan, Tokyo.

      More enlarged photos and article here

      Edited and added all the BLACKPINK House TV videos. All episodes are posted. Starting on Page 6

    • Program: Blackpink Home Party
      TV Channel: Abema TV Japan
      Broadcast Date: Saturday, April 28, 2018
      Time: 9:00 to 10:00 JST
      More info: Abema TV Official Website

      This program is part of YG Channel special broadcast from Abema TV to commemorate new regular program, YG TV on K World Channel. YG TV will air for the first time on May 4, 2018 through K world Channel, Abema TV Japan at 9.00 pm JST.

    • 2018-04-24 09:43 pm
      tag. BLACKPINK
      YG Entertainment Yang Hyun-suk, the representative producer, raised expectations for the return of Black Pink.
      On the 24th, Yang Hyun-suk expressed his blog on #BLACKPINK #Black Pink #THANKYOU #THAILAND #ComebackCountdown #Comeback_Imminent #BLACKPINK_Will_Take_Over_Until_The_End_of_This_Year #YG

      BLACKPINK To Perform at Myongji University Festival on May 16, 2018
      April 25, 2018. Blackpink will be performing at Myongji University Festival on May 16, 2018. Myongji University Students’ Association announced the lineup on its facebook page.
      Event: Myongji University Festival 2018
      Date: Wednesday, May 16, 2018
      Venue: Myongji University, Seoul
      More Info: Myongji University Students’ Association Facebook Page…ity-festival-16-may-2018/

    • According to EBN News and Newsen Coca-Cola company announced on April 23 that it launched a new advertising model of Sprite with girl group Blackpink and actor Woo Do Hwan. Blackpink is known as ‘Cool and Sexy’ with their outstanding skills, sophisticated style and visual, and deadly charm. Meanwhile Woo Do-hwan is called ‘Cool Sexy Boss’ which gives a deadly charm that captivates the woman.

      Sprite plans to launch a new advertising campaign with a message that invites you to “Sprite Island,” where you can enjoy the freshness this summer. The Sprite new tv commercial starring Blackpink and Woo Do Hwan will be released in mid-May.
      An official from Coca-Cola Corporation said, “In order to effectively convey the image of sprite I have chosen Blackpink and Woo Do Hwan as advertising models, which have been receiving full support from the younger generation and exhilarating appeal in their fields. ”

      source ebn news kr
    • BlackPink performance on AbemaTV tonight. Was recorded on their last trip to Japan. Song are done in Japanese language.
      This is NOT a official video from AbemaTV and I'm fairly certain it will be removed from YT. I will replace the video when and if AbemaTV does upload their own

      Also this interview was from AbemaTV and may have subtitles soon, It also may or may not be taken down
    • BLACKPINK for LG
      Blackpink will be performing at Samsung Odyssey College Game Festival held in Hanyang University on May 24, 2018. Samsung Odyssey College Game Festival, hosted by Inven and sponsored by Samsung Electronics, will be held from May 8 to 24 at eight university festivals across the country.

      May 16: Blackpink to Perform at Myongji University Festival

      Grand Finale
      May 24: Blackpink to Perform at Hanyang University Festival
      After the game is over, the famous girl group "BlackPink" and the rapper "DPR LIVE" will also celebrate performances. Details of the festival can be found on the event page , and all matches of Grand Final can be viewed through various channels of the TV stations such as YouTube, Twente, Africa TV, and Naver TV.