Hwang Yeji from The Fan

    • Hwang Yeji from The Fan

      Been watching this girl HWANG YEJI on a show called THE FAN similar to the THE VOICE. Contestants compete and gain votes from both the judges and online fans. Winners can get contract with participating record labels.
      What caught my attention of Hwang YeJi is her confidence and determination on stage. Her voice is not all that great but her dancing skills are crazy good. Her voice has been improving somewhat but with the hard dance routines it would be tough for anyone to sing live at the same time.

      Hwang Yeji Ep 3 The Fan - Not a fav of the judges but got online fan vote

      During rehearsal for Ep5 Hwang YeJi hurt her back but performed

      This was the performance she gave after getting hurt in rehearsal
      Hwang YeJi - "New Rules" Dance Cover [THE FAN Ep 5] performed with bad back

      Judges comments after New Rules performance
      Hwang YeJi getting thru to next round , won the judges back

      Hwang YeJi 《THE FAN》 더 팬 EP06

      I don't think YeJi's voice is good enough to win top prize but I really think she will get picked up by a producer for the lead in a girl group. I'll keep watching out for her progress and post any new developments. I like her determination.