Brooke Adee Fan Thread!

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    • It's also on a different network.

      Fox rejuvenated itself this year with Empire and it has a few possible hits with upcoming shows like "Scream Queens." (Ariana Grande is even in that one.) There's nothing on NBC that's really a threat to The Voice.

      And I also think the show seems to have stabled out. Season 7 did slightly better in ratings, but given the competition (And with the spring season tending to do worse than the fall). If you look at total viewers, it was pretty much the same except for the finale (Which didn't have the same competition as The Voice did this season.)

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    • Yeah I think The Voice is in stable condition for the time being. Plus its close to being the only one of its kind in the US barring AGT, which isn't exactly the same and not direct competition anyway. So right now I'd say chances are good that we could see another Adee on the show.

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    • Spurrious wrote:

      Every time...every makes me crazy when I hear how good Brooke...or Audra....or Mia is and how brain dead the Voice is for not recognizing that. I'm sure you read this post TV Swings and Misses The first line of the last paragraph gave me chills.
      I'm still pissed about all three of the girls. I forgave them after the Audra incident because it was the first time they screwed with a favorite of mine. Then this past season they completely bussed 2 of the best with Brooke and Mia and it will take a while for me to get over those and I unforgave them for Audra. I really hate them for doing that to 3 fantastic girls. They all deserve more than was given them which makes me so freaking frustrated.
    • I don't even get why they did that with these two. At least I can see where Audra was an obvious threat, and Big Machine might not want another pop/country girl. But seriously..

      No one was a threat to Sawyer, so they couldn't have been protecting him. (And I always say..Sawyer must have just loved it when the show got rid of most of the pretty teenage girls in two weeks.) Maybe trying to make sure Xtina gets someone in the finale? (oops)

      Brooke and Mia are both so talented, it's just such a shame. IMO, we could have had one of the best and most unique seasons of The Voice. A Sawyer/Brooke/Mia/Kim finale could have been incredible...all of them being so different from each other and so talented in their own ways. What a waste.

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