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      The Finalist

      Koryn Hawthorne Last Week :16418Now:25428'+9 010Before The Voice :127+25 301
      Sawyer Fredericks Last Week :59420Now:66786'+7 366Before The Voice :2 070+64 716
      Meghan Linsey Last Week :37342Now:41493'+4 151Before The Voice :12 816+28 677
      Joshua Davis Last Week :22672Now:26042'+3 370Before The Voice :646+25 396

      The Top 12
      India Carney Last Week :29135Now:35177'+6 042Before The Voice :253+34 924
      Kimberly Nichole Last Week :24046Now:25154'+1 108Before The Voice :4 533+20 621
      Mia Zanotti Last Week :23159Now:23748'+589Before The Voice :297+23 451
      Rob Taylor Last Week :9680Now:10028'+348Before The Voice :528+9 500
      Corey Kent White Last Week :76315Now:76624'+309Before The Voice :6 434+70 190
      DeAnna Johnson Last Week :23993Now:24280'+287Before The Voice :234+24 046
      Brian Johnson Last Week :10953Now:11184'+231Before The Voice :647+10 537
      Hannah Kirby Last Week :32901Now:20739'+-12 162Before The Voice :74+20 665

      Hey Table are much easier with this new forum :thumbsup: