Top 15 Voice Performances of The Season

    • Top 15 Voice Performances of The Season

      What does everyone else have?

      For Me...

      15. "A Woman's Worth" from Sonic..she controlled her voice perfectly. It was sensual and she made an overdone song really believable. Loved this from Sonic.

      14. "Somewhere Over The Rainblow" from India Carney. I thought as a performance this was incredible. Everything about it was beautiful.

      13. "Creep" from Kimberly Nichole. That. Backbend.

      12. "The Thrill Is Gone" from Mia Z. Pharrell's face at the end says it all. Anyone else want Mia Z. and Christina just to sing this as a duet and let the boys play the instruments last night?

      11. "Fields of Gold" from Joshua Davis. Emotional, Classy, Elegant..whatever you want to call it..he's the only contestant to ever get himself out of the B3, and this was the biggest reason why.

      10. "Electric Feel" from Brooke AdeeI know "Skinny Love" was more of popular, but this performance showed a lot of incredible colors to Brooke's voice. After this performance I said she reminded me of that probably says all I need to about how I felt about this performance.

      9. "Old Man" from Sawyer Fredericks. This was really a perfect song for him. His voice just cuts deep.

      8. "Girl Crush" from Meghan Linsey. My personal favorite from her. I think her voice sounded perfect on it.

      7. "Seven Nation Army" from Kimberly Nichole. I don't care that people didn't save her (WTF). This was the best Twitter save performance ever.

      6. "Simple Man" from Sawyer Fredericks. I'm not going to tell anyone how many times I watched this performance. Like. I can't with this kid.

      5. "Amazing Grace" from Meghan Linsey. It left me a little cold, but it's a stunningly beautiful vocal.

      4. "Ain't No Sunshine" from Mia Z. I thought it was the live shows first "moment." And I foolishly thought she had become a frontrunner. And it doesn't hurt anymore cause she's got a single out and she's working with Pharrell...Can we call her "baby Amy"?

      3. "What's Up" from Kimberly Nichole. Confession..I hadn't paid too much attention to how awesome Kim was until this point. I knew she was good..but this..was If Simple Man isn't my most watched performance this season, it's this one.

      2. "Make It Rain" from Koryn Hawthorne. I think this performance is in contention for best voice performance of all time. Probably even more so than the song that's number one (but I'll explain why it gets the nod above this one.) I wasn't crazy about Koryn's voice until this one..but this was a perfect for her voice and performance style and it was magic, IMO. (Well, it had to was the only performance to beat Sawyer's top song that week in this entire competition.)

      1. "Man of Constant Sorrow" from Sawyer Fredericks. I think there are performances that win the show for a contestant. "Over You" for Cassadee Pope, "Who I Am" for Danielle Bradberry, "I Have Nothing" for Tessanne Chin, "I Can't Make You Love Me" for Josh Kaufman, "Old Rugged Cross" for Craig...well.."Man of Constant Sorrow" won the show for Sawyer. And, if itunes was any indication..he was the most dominant contestant of all time. With this performance, he managed to pull in a wide demographic..that even included some IDF/TVF It Girl fans (it confused us a little though). Given what this performance could I not rank it #1?

      honorable mention: Skinny Love from Brooke Adee, Wasted Love from Sarah Potenza, Tennessee Whisky from Meghan, and The Workingman's Hymn from Joshua Davis

      Great Things Come In Small Packages
    • My favorites ... the order is just how they were uploaded to YouTube:

      Sawyer Fredericks: "I Am a Man of Constant Sorrow"

      Treeva Gibson: "Young and Beautiful"

      Deanna Johnson: "All I Want"

      Sawyer Fredericks vs. Noelle Bybee: "Have You Ever Seen the Rain"

      Mia Z: "Hold On, I'm Comin'"

      Koryn Hawthorne: "Try"

      Deanna Johnson: "Listen to Your Heart"

      Joshua Davis: "Arms of a Woman"

      Lexi Dávila: "Anything Could Happen"

      Joshua Davis - Live Playoffs: "Budapest"

      Koryn Hawthorne - Top 10: "Make It Rain"

      Sawyer Fredericks - Top 8: "Simple Man"

      Koryn Hawthorne - Semifinals: "Oh Mary Don't You Weep"

      Sawyer Fredericks - Live Finale: "Please"
    • These are my Top 5 performances, NOT songs, There were many performances that were great and too hard to rank. But these stick out to me for reasons stated

      Sawyer Fredericks - Take Me To The River
      this was a real WTF moment for me, the contrast of dancers with Sawyer mesmerized me.
      A staging I would never have imagined. My most played video to date.

      Hannah Kirby - Shout
      this was a song choice I gave no hope of working, and it fooled me.
      I loved this whole package. Hannah was a unique contestant.

      Mia Z - Miss You
      I actually love Mumblin' Mia, I like everything about her that she was critisized for.

      Lexi Dávila - Anything Could Happen
      another surprising performance, I didn't expect this.

      Sawyer Fredericks - I Am a Man of Constant Sorrow
      blew me away, still does
    • My Top 15 Favorite Performances

      15. Sawyers Fredericks- Shine On

      14. Nathan Hermida- Leave Your Lover

      13. Koryn Hawthorne- Everybody Hurts

      12. India Carney- Lay Me Down

      11. Joshua Davis- I Shall Be Released

      10. Kimberly Nichole- Creep

      9. Joshua Davis- Arms of A Woman

      8. Corey Kent White- Live Like You Were Dying

      7. Koryn Hawthorne- Make It Rain

      6. Mia Z- The Thrill Is Gone

      5. Joshua Davis- Budapest

      4. Mia Z- Ain't No Sunshine

      3. Kimberly Nichole- What's Up?

      2. Mia Z vs Ashley Morgan- Put The Gun Down

      1. Mia Z- Hold On, I'm Coming
    • 1. Koryn Hawthorne - Make It Rain
      My fav performace of all the voice history.

      2. Kimberly Nichole - House Of The Rising Sun
      This one really comes close - exciting arrengement and great vocals

      3. Mia Z - Hold On I'm Coming
      I loved how Mia improved her whistle tone, also this is one of the few studio version i bought

      4. Mia Z and Ashley Morgan - Put The Gun Down
      Actually didn't like Ashley, but Mia siunded amaizing and super unique

      5. Koryn Hawthorne - Oh Mary Don't You Weep
      Gospel from Koryn with some rock twists.. It could only be better if she could sing a bit higher, but that was soo good

      6. Kimberly Nichole - What's Up?
      Another one great performance and i loved that dress

      7. Hannah Kirby and Sarah Potenza - Gimme Shelter
      I liked Hannah since her audition, but this battle was nearly incredible, A bit shouty though

      8. Sawyer Fredericks - Iris
      The only Sawyer's song i liked. Probably because that's the type of music i listen to.

      9. Koryn Hawthorne - Everybody Hurts
      Koryn and gospel <3 So emotional

      10. Koryn Hawthorne - My Kind Of Love
      My fav audition of this season, that was the 1st time when i thought "She did it better then Tessane... She HAS to make it into the finals, probably won't, but she already deserves"

      11. Kimberly Nichole - Nutbush City Limits
      My 2nd fav audition of this season - super cool dress, moves and voice

      12. Mia Z - Ain't No Sunshine
      That slow moment on "I know"... Mind blowing

      13. Kimberly Nichole and Lowell Oakley - Hound Dog
      That was a performance and my fav. male of this season didn't suck in it

      14. Mia Z - The Thrill Is Gone
      3rd fav audition, was impressed with that whistle

      15. Rob Taylor - Earned It
      This song fitted Rob perfectly

      It looks like there's too much my personal fav contestants, but that's actually the reason why i loved them..
    • I made a list and it was basically all Sawyer and Joshua :love:

      But my favorite performances from Joshua were: I Shall Be Released/ Fields of Gold (tied)
      and my favorite performances from Sawyer were : Please/MOCS (tied)

      the others that made my list were:
      Kimberly- HOTRS and What's Up
      Deanna- All I Want
      Matt McAndrew- Counting on Love :thumbsup:
    • 1. Koryn Hawthorne - "Make It Rain"
      2. Koryn Hawthorne - "Stronger (What Doesn't Kill You)"
      3. Koryn Hawthorne - "Try"
      4. Brooke Adee - "Electric Feel"
      5. Deanna Johnson - "Down to the River to Pray"
      6. Kimberly Nichole - "Creep"
      7. Koryn Hawthorne - "Everybody Hurts"
      8. Koryn Hawthorne - "My Kind of Love"
      9. Mia Z - "Hold On, I'm Coming"
      10. Sarah Potenza - "Wasted Love"
      11. Joshua Davis - "Arms of a Woman"
      12. Meghan Linsey - "Home"
      13. Sawyer Fredericks - "Iris"
      14. Brooke Adee - "Skinny Love"
      15. Koryn Hawthorne - "It's a Man's Man's Man's World"
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    • My Top 15, ordered simply by my preference.

      #15 "Ain't No Sunshine" - Mia Z

      #14 "Glory" - India Carney

      #13 "I Am a Man of Constant Sorrow" - Sawyer Fredericks

      #12 "Chicken Fried" - Corey Kent White

      #11 "If You Love Somebody Set Them Free" - Kimberly Nichole

      #10 "Last Kiss" - Michael Leier

      #9 "Down to the River to Pray" - DeAnna Johnson

      #8 "Girl Crush" - Meghan Linsey

      #7 "Fields of Gold" - Joshua Davis

      #6 "Young and Beautiful" - Treeva Gibson

      #5 "Try" - Koryn Hawthorne

      #4 "Love Hurts" - Meghan Linsey

      #3 "Listen to Your Heart" - DeAnna Johnson

      #2 "Live Like You Were Dying" - Corey Kent White

      #1 "All I Want" - DeAnna Johnson

      Cause when I'm down and I'm done, and I'm coming unplugged
      When I'm ready to fall
      You're the one always holding me up
      With Love ♫
      - CVG
    • 15. A Woman's Worth - Sonic
      14. Home - Meghan Linsey
      13. All I Want - Deanna Johnson
      12. Amazing Grace - Meghan Linsey
      11. New York State of Mind - India Carney
      10. Earth Song - India Carney
      09. Simple Man - Sawyer Fredericks
      08. Skinny Love - Brooke Adee
      07. Oh Mary Don't You Weep - Koryn Hawthorne
      06. Ain't No Sunshine - Mia Z
      05. House of The Rising Sun - Kimberly Nichole
      04. The Thrill Is Gone - Mia Z
      03. Girl Crush - Meghan Linsey
      02. It's a Man's Man's World - Koryn Hawthorne
      01. Make It Rain - Koryn Hawthore

      That was really hard the more I started remembering performances.

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